More Organic Cracked Corn Won’t Derail the Organic Corn Rally

More Organic Cracked Corn Won’t Derail the Organic Corn Rally


Organic cracked corn is likely arriving in the U.S., according to the More Head City shipping schedule. The cargo, which comes from Turkey, carries both corn (likely organic cracked corn) and sunflower seed cake. The Jacobsen cannot confirm products aboard the Kite Bay vessel. It would be interesting if some organic feed mills have started to substitute organic sunflower meal for organic soybean meal, as the protein content for organic sunflower meal is lower than organic soybean meal.

As a frame of reference, approximately 26.5K metric tons of organic cracked corn were imported into the United States in May of 2020. The elevated levels of Black Sea conventional corn will likely put upward pressure on organic broken corn prices from Turkey and will not drag on the upward trend that the organic corn market is currently experiencing.

Non-GMO Labeling Issues Could Benefit Organic Labeling

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