Management Team

Wei Chen

Chief Technology Officer

Wei Chen

Wei Chen is a full stack software engineer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from The College of Saint Rose. She has a decade of experience building software for a variety of industries primarily using Microsoft’s tech stack. At The Jacobsen, she is focused on developing and maintaining web applications for both new and ... read more

John Donicht


John Donicht

John Donicht earned a degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA in finance from the University of Minnesota. In the 1990s, he traded fats and oils for five years before joining with a partner to create By-Products Interactive (BPI). BPI created a platform to trade by-product commodities that were not traded ... read more

George Morris

Dir. of Sales & Marketing

George Morris

George earned his degree in environmental studies from Shippensburg University. Prior to joining The Jacobsen, George was the co-founder and President at Imulus, a digital agency in Boulder, Colorado. Today, George brings his entrepreneurial energy to The Jacobsen where he applies his knowledge of sales and marketing to help promote and grow the influence of ... read more

Erin Perkins

Account Management

Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins has more than seven years of experience in technology sales with an expertise in account management, relationship building and customer support. She manages software solutions, accounting and marketing for The Jacobsen. She is committed to making sure you have the technology tools to achieve your goals.... read more

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