MI: Animal Proteins & Grain Co-Products

Insiders from the best-known organizations in the industry rely on The Jacobsen’s MI: Animal Proteins & Grain Co-Products reports to navigate the current unprecedented market uncertainty.

MI: Animal Proteins & Grain Co-Products is a product of market participants’ requests for focused analysis and monitoring tools. Through a blend of human and artificial intelligence, MI frames the shifting fundamentals to give you thoughtful, well-analyzed,data-driven forward guidance.

If you are at all uncertain about the future of animal proteins and grain co-products, The Jacobsen’s analysts bring the experience and industry-specific knowledge needed to make sense of the ever-changing marketplace and generate unique and actionable data that can make the difference between a profit and a loss.

Areas Covered

Animal Protein Co-Products

Senior Vice President John Eustice brings his vast industry knowledge and insights gained over the last 19 years monitoring prices and developing innovative analytical tools to add clarity for market participants. The use of these proprietary tools and insights provide buyers and sellers an independent and unbiased outlookto help navigate market volatility to minimize risk and enhance profitability. In addition to price forecasts, cattle, hog, and broiler slaughter are projected forward along with production of co-products.

Soybean Meal

Senior Analyst Tore Alden has 20 years of experience analyzing and forecasting trends and prices in the soybean complex. A proprietary model based on the fundamentals of the world’s protein meal markets projects trend changes and forecasts soybean meal supply, demand, and prices. The weekly analysis in the MI report provides insights into recent market developments and trends as well as revealing  where the trends are headed based on the latest data and projections.

Grains Co-Products

Each week, John Eustice reviews one of four staples of the grain co-products industry. The Jacobsen’s clients rely on monthly updates on corn gluten feed, distillers’ dried grains, corn gluten meal and wheat mids to provide guidance in markets that are uniquely driven. Each report provides in-depth analysis and price forecasting for the coming year.

Feed Grains

Tore Alden provides consistent and actionable insights into the feed grain markets. Based on a deep into an understanding of what drives corn futures, Renewable Fuel Standards and information coming from the EIA and NASS to give the subscribers the latest in understanding in regard to market direction.

Government Regulation & Policy

Jim Wiesemeyer of Pro Farmer and Agri-Talk radio shares insights into policy changes and developments in Washington D.C. that can have a significant impact on the outlook for the industry. This section also contains a schedule of key events and reports that will impact prices.