We Bring Transparency to Opaque Markets

The Jacobsen Leads Data Gathering, Analysis and Forecasting

Better Than Futures Market

Our depth of experience has driven us to develop proprietary tools using innovative machine-learning capabilities that give you the ability to better forecast future market movements and trends.

We're a Trusted Benchmark

Since 1865, The Jacobsen has set the benchmark for a wide range of commodities trading because we remain neutral within the markets we serve. We do not trade, which allows us to remain agnostic to the movements in the market. No one else in the industry can make and maintain this claim.

Senior Level Analysts with Deep Industry Experience and Connections

Our knowledge runs deep and long into the markets we cover because we hire analysts with years of experience to gather and analyze pricing data and market movements.

Multiple Ways to Access Our Data Using APIs, Mobile, Email or Web

We provide our customers with a multitude of ways to access our proprietary data via web, mobile, email and API. Our reporting goes historic reporting goes back beyond 12 years. Our bulletins look at how the current week is unfolding. Market Intelligence forecasts between one and twelve months, beyond that we offer consulting for custom projects.

Latest News


Thoughts from the Frontlines of the Low Carbon Fuel Revolution


Effects of the Saudi oil field attacks on Biodiesel pricing


Ethanol & DDGS- DDGS output falls as ethanol production slows



Industrial Hemp Pricing in 2020


Commodity Price Reporting and Forecasting Agency

Market Intelligence

Gain insights into where the market is headed with our accurate long-range forecasting.

Commodity Price Reporting and Forecasting Agency

Multi-Client Report

Looking for clarity on the future of the biomass based diesel market. This 90 page report breaks it down in detail.

Commodity Price Reporting and Forecasting Agency

Newest Bulletin: Hemp

We've just launched our newest vertical, Hemp.

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