Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence (MI) is aimed at the forward curve, giving you a high degree of confidence in future prices and production trends. In order to give you a reliable competitive advantage, we have invested in a system that continuously refines the forecast to hone the accuracy of predictions.

MI includes weekly price forecasts projected out 6 to 12 months in easy-to-understand charts, backed by our seasoned analysts’ commentary highlighting any critical or fundamental developments driving the price outlook.

MI Forecasting has been shown to be better than the Futures Market.

MI is a powerful tool that gives you unprecedented ability to access and interact with market data.

MI is delivered weekly to your inbox using Tableau, a visual platform that gives you easy access to the data behind every chart or table in the commentary to analyze, manipulate or download as Excel spreadsheets or other third-party formats.

MI is flexible, allowing you to gather and combine data in order to expand analysis to fit your specific needs.

The Jacobsen currently offers MI Reports for the following markets: