Partner with a Legacy of Accurate and Informed Market Analysis

As research analysts, industry experts and former traders, we know how to deliver reliable insights tailored to your critical business decisions. Because we use the most advanced data platform, we are flexible and can offer both project and retainer-based options that will provide you a competitive edge. Our extensive and practical experience within the market will provide you with the highest quality insights into the markets you need.

Project or Retainer-Based Strategic Support

Strategic Planning

Accurate market analysis and forecasting will allow you to make the most informed choices before you make major capital expenditures. Allocating assets in the correct mix of process technology, logistics infrastructure or storage assets is critical to profitability in the rapidly changing commodities market. We give you the tools to leverage capital with confidence.

Trading Strategies & Decisions

Whether you seek an independent assessment of a specific market or verification of your current company strategy, we have the analysts and tools to help. We can also recommend alternative approaches or give you a more comprehensive risk analysis of the overall market.

Project Feasibility

Should you wish to test a new investment strategy, we can provide a forward outlook using objective research and market analysis for any proposed venture or new investment.

Company Market Outlook

We provide objective audits and analysis of the forward earning potential of publicly traded companies. Because the valuation of these companies are highly dependent upon market trends, we are able to provide you with an informed analysis to determine if a company is positioned correctly today and whether they are prepared for the forward curves that will determine future profitability/earnings, allowing you to make an informed decision before investing.