Animal Fats & Oils Price Forecasting

The Jacobsen has been in the agricultural commodities pricing business for well over 150+ years. With that experience, we have a long history of practical knowledge and proprietary data to forecast pricing movements in the fats & oils space. Weekly, our team of Senior Analysts review our computer-generated pricing models, making experienced modifications based on real-world inputs.

Every forecast made by our team accompanied with an accuracy table so our customers can quantifiably measure our ability to hit the mark.

What is in the Fats & Oils Forecast?

  • Bleachable Fancy Tallow Price Forecast
  • Choice White Grease Price Forecast
  • Distiller’s Corn Oil Price Forecast
  • Used-Cooking Oil Price Forecast
  • Poultry Fat Price Forecast
  • Choice White Grease Relative to Corn and Soybean Oil Pricing
  • Relative Pricing of Bleachable Fancy Tallow to Palm Stearin
  • Spreads on Choice White Grease, Yellow Grease and Distiller’s Corn Oil
  • Hog Slaughter Forecast
  • LCFS Quarterly Corn Oil Use in Renewable Diesel Production

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What makes our forecasts better? 

Proprietary Data with AI

Our unique history of 150+ years in the Agriculture space has allowed us to amass data and experience that is unrivaled. Continually we survey the markets to gather additional insights on production and pricing so we can better inform our customers. All our data is feed into our augmented intelligence platform, Sage, where forecasting is created and measured for accuracy and refinement. 

Outcome Agnostic

Unlike our competitors, The Jacobsen has no positions in the market, therefore our forecasts are an unbiased report of what the data tells us and what our analysts know of the markets. 

Transparent & Iterative 

We share our forecast history so you can see where we’ve been accurate and where we’ve missed the mark. Daily, we iterate our measurements based on our results, to continually refine our forecasting abilities. 




Animal fat prices steady on limited volume traded

Animal fat prices steady on limited volume traded

Fastmarkets price assessment for edible tallow, fob Chicago was $52.00 cents per lb on 14 railcars, steady from $52.00 cent per lb on Wednesday May 15.

On Thursday,...


Grain consuming animal units forecast lower for 2023/24, 2024/’25

Grain consuming animal units forecast lower for 2023/24, 2024/’25

Animal protein prices were steady on Thursday May 16.

Market sources reported an uptick in interest, but the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, lower prices for distiller dried grains...


International animal fats and oils, May 16 2024

International animal fats and oils, May 16 2024

Market sources also reported that UCO traded at €1,065 per tonne on a DDP France basis, while deals for imported UCO were heard at $975 per tonne CIF Rotterdam,...

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