Sage: Augmented Intelligence

Sage is our augmented intelligence platform built around price forecasting, and refining our ability to better predict market trends. Sage does the heavy data analysis, comparisons and algorithm adjustments. Every Sage generated report is reviewed by a senior team of analysts to interpret the data and ensure the patterns make sense with our understanding of the marketplace. We believe Sage gives our clients an unfair advantage in the market. 

Sage 2.0 Update

Feb 10th, 2021

We’ve updated Sage with a wider set of data to parse, making it more knowledgeable of the intelligent suggestions offered.

Forecast Example

Soybean Oil Forecast

Based on 1-month ahead forecasting, the dark blue line indicates how off the Futures Market was for predicting the price accurately. The light blue line is The Jacobsen forecast. On average, the Futures Market was off 7.7% and The Jacobsen was off 5.9%.
[wpdatachart id=8]


Sage is Outcome Agnostic

Humans come with bias which is nearly impossible to detect. Sage is purely driven by data, not by desired outcomes. Additionally, the Jacobsen has no positions in the market so you can rest assured that our assessment of future market movements is purely based on data and experience, not by our desires or agenda. 

Sage has Nothing to Hide

Every forecast generated by Sage is reviewed by the platforms’ algorithms so it can self-adjust and learn from its own mistakes. The results of the forecasting accuracy are shared with our customers for review and establishing the degree of trust in our reporting. 

Sage Reads from a Different Library

Our unique history of 150+ years in the Agriculture space has allowed us to amass data and experience that is unrivaled and proprietary. Sage sits atop this mass of data where it pulls out insights and patterns that are hidden from the human eye. It’s not just our data either, it also has access to a vast array of public data to continually learn from and grow. 


How is Sage used?
Sage provides the backbone to our forecasts. Based on its learnings, it formulates forecasting data hinged on what it has learned from historic projections and pattern recognition.

Are all forecasts “Powered by Sage”?
No, every forecast that is “Powered by Sage” is labeled that way in the bottom right corner of the chart. If you see this indicator, it means we have an accuracy report to go with the chart so you can validate for yourself how accurate Sage is at forecasting the results.

How much data goes into Sage?
It depends on the commodity. In most cases, it’s pulling from over 10 years of daily, weekly and monthly data. Most of the time the sources are wide and varied to help give Sage a balanced picture.

Are humans reviewing the forecast?
Yes, every forecast is reviewed and tweaked by our Senior Analysts to help account for certain events that are beyond the “senses” of Sage. Examples include political, social or economic incidents that are completely unpredictable.





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