Non-GMO and Organic Market Update for October 26, 2016

Non-GMO and Organic Market Update for October 26, 2016

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Organic Corn trading activity is picking up for contracts with delivery in November and December. Prices have dipped to $7.25-$7.75 range on the farm, for new crop corn, and $1 higher at elevators.  Prices are trading under pressure as space is becoming an issue, since there does not appear to be enough farm storage to handle the current harvest.  The carry for corn remains near $0.25 per quarter. Non-gmo yellow #2 CIF remained steady at $0.10 premium over conventional for new crop delivery. While the harvest for conventional corn is approximately 60% complete, the organic harvest is just getting underway.

Corn board futures prices remain near the upper end of a 3-month range. Per the most recent commitment of trader’s report released for the date October 18, 2016, managed money significantly reduced short position in futures and options by 42K contracts which is slightly more than 13%.  Managed money also increase long positions by approximately 19K contracts. Managed money that is short futures and options outnumber managed money that is long by approximately, 70K contracts down from 131K contracts, last week which has reduced the chance of a significant short squeeze.

Mid-west organic soy bean prices are experiencing moderate activity for November and December delivery. Prices have drifted to the $17.25-17.75 range, with a carry for the first quarter of approximately 25 cents per bushel. The prospect of a huge harvest has weighed on non-gmo prices. Non-GMO soybean CIF for November and December delivery are trading $0.20 –  $0.30 above cash prices for new crop. Approximately 76% of conventional soybeans have been harvested, flat year over year, just as the organic harvest is poised to begin.

Despite the specter of robust bean yields, bean oil futures prices have broken out on a weekly basis closing above resistance near a downward sloping trend line. The next level of target resistance is seen near the January 2014 lows at 36.60 cents per pound, and then the June 2014 highs near 41.05.

In the News

USDA Offers $17M Funding to Support Organic Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture is increasing funds to support the organic agriculture sector. The Department is offering $17.6 million in funding for research and outreach activities to support organic agriculture the agency announced Friday. The USDA has invested nearly $261 million in research to improve the productivity and success of organic agriculture (Power Bulk Solids).

Whole Foods Seen As ‘organic traitors’; Profits Plummet

Whole Foods same-store sales have fallen every quarter for the past year, with another 2.1% decline expected for this quarter, per analysts. It appears that the beginning of the decline in profits for Whole Foods came when Walmart entered the market in 2014, introducing a store-brand organics line priced 25% lower than its other organic products (Sign of the Times –

US and Mexico Look to Collaborate on Organic Enforcement

The USDA, AMS division, announced that it plans to form a Joint Organic Compliance Committee (JOCC) in support of a potential organic equivalency arrangement between the U.S. and Mexico. This committee would work to increase transparency, and strengthen enforcement controls. (Specialty Food Association).

Dannon Responds to Farmers Criticizing GMO Labeling Decision

Dannon issue a press release responding to farmer criticism of its April pledge to adhere to non-GMO agricultural practices. In the statement, Dannon called the criticism of this pledge “divisive and misinformed.” In their October 17th letter farmers from the National Corn Growers Association, National Milk Producers Federation, and American Sugarbeet Growers Association, amongst other groups, indicated that Dannon’s pledge represents a “major step backward in truly sustainable food production,” (Organic Authority).



Vegetable Oil Futures Prices Extend Higher Before Weekend

Vegetable Oil Futures Prices Extend Higher Before Weekend

Vegetable Oil Futures Prices Extend Higher Before Weekend    

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Veg Oils Rise as Weather Woes Remain Focus for Soybean Oil

Veg Oils Rise as Weather Woes Remain Focus for Soybean Oil

Veg Oils Rise as Weather Woes Remain Focus for Soybean Oil

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What’s Ahead in the FOG Markets?

What’s Ahead in the FOG Markets?

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