Non-GMO / Organic December 14th, 2016

Non-GMO / Organic December 14th, 2016

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Organic Corn trading activity has slowed as most consumers have booked bushels through the end of Q1, ahead of the holiday season.  There is light activity in the spot market with bids near $7.25 and offers at $8.0. The carry for Q2 has declined back to zero. NON-GMO yellow #2 CIF remained steady at $0.10 premium over conventional the balance of Q4, and Q1.

Corn board futures prices are pushing up to the top of an 8-week range, as hedge fund traders reduced both long and short positions in futures and options ahead of the holiday season. Per the most recent commitment of trader’s report released for the date December 6, 2016, managed money, that is short futures and options, outnumber managed money that is long by approximately, 73K contracts up from 70K contracts, 1-week ago.

Mid-west organic soy bean trading activity is slower for December and Q1.  There was some light activity last week but activity has slowed ahead of the holiday.  Generally, D-J-F-M is active as animals are not supplementing their feed in the pasture. Prices have dropped to the $16.50 levels driven by declines in bean meal prices. Import activity for bean meal, from China and India have pushed mid-west prices down to 775 range, driving down the price of organic beans.

The deluge of imports which were driven by contracts appears to have subsided. There is solid demand for lower protein meal such as canola and flax. The carry for the second quarter is flat. NON-GMO soybean CIF for November and December delivery are trading $0.10 –  $0.30 above cash.

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Industry Watchdog Calls for Independent Investigation of USDA’s National Organic Program

The Cornucopia Institute has requested an independent audit of the National Organic Program, charging multiple illegal actions and inactions. The Wisconsin-based farm policy research group in a letter to USDA’s Office of Inspector General, alleges that the National Organic Program has failed to enforce the laws governing organic agriculture thereby allowing multinational corporate agribusinesses to squeeze out family-scale farmers. (yahoo)

USDA Announces $3.8 Million for Research to Help Farmers and Ranchers Meet Growing Demand for Organic Products

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture y announced the availability of up to $3.8 million in funding to support research, education and extension to support organic farmers and ranchers. The grants are funded through the Organic Transitions Program, administered by NIFA and authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill. (USDA)

Organic Valley Expands Grassmilk Production in Mid-Atlantic to Become Largest Producer of Organic, 100% Grass-fed Dairy in Country

Organic Valley, announced it has created a new route with 12, 100% grass-fed dairies in the Mid-Atlantic to increase production of its Organic Valley Grassmilk branded milk products. The production expansion makes Organic Valley the largest producer of organic, 100% grass-fed dairy in the country.

Georgia Sees Historic Growth of Organic Farms with Ground-breaking Partnership

Georgia Organics and the Georgia Department of Agriculture launched the 100 Organic Farms Campaign in 2015, a state-wide collaboration to grow Georgia’s organic industry from 75 certified organic farms to more than 100 certified organic farms by the end of 2016. Georgia surpassed that goal and will end the year with a 45% increase, bringing the new number of certified organic farm and livestock operations to 110.


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