The International Market

The International Market

The International Market


In April, 950,000 head were dispatched to slaughter. This was 14% less than in March and 5% more in the year-on-year comparison. Considering the business days of each month, the daily average was the same as in March, with a remarkable growth of 16% compared to a year ago.

After two weeks drop, rawhide prices stopped its descending trend. Buenos Aires wet salted heavy steer hides are trading unchanged from last week, at about US$0.65-$0.73 per kg depending on hide quality.

Demand remains calm.


Just like recent weeks, the market is extremely quiet.

Sales of wet blue hides continue being made without price changes. Full substance whole hide wet blue TR1 continues trading at about US$1.25-$1.30 per sq. ft.; and divided hides (grain splits) TR1 1.8mm/up at about US$1.10 per sq. ft.

Of late, exports of semi-finished and finished leathers has grown significantly.

Slaughter continues strong. A beef export record is expected this month.

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