Growing Organic Chicken Demand Buoys Organic Grain Prices

Growing Organic Chicken Demand Buoys Organic Grain Prices

US organic chicken slaughter by weighed climbed in the last week of September according to the Jacobsen insight. While the trend continues to point to solid demand it will unlikely influence short term organic corn prices. This will likely be the case for most of the organic grain prices. Total organic chicken weight slaughtered rebounded back above 9.2 million pounds in the last week of September hitting the highest level since May of 2019. Total organic heads slaughtered increased to 1.426 million heads up 8% week over week according to the Jacobsen insight.

For the harvest season-ending 9/30/19, organic chicken weight increased approximately 2% year over year. Heads slaughtered reading in a relatively tight range, hitting a high in December of 2018 at 9.4 million heads. The increase in organic chicken slaughter volume could offset any downward price prices on organic corn prices and organic grain prices driven by organic dairy volume.

Retail organic chicken sales in the United States rose to 51-million dollars in September according to the Jacobsen insight. This was a 23% rise month over month. For the 2018/2019 season organic chicken retail sales rose to 562 million up 3% year over year according to the Jacobsen. Slightly higher organic chicken prices account for the increase in the total value of sales. Volume of retail sales was up 2% in line with the organic chicken weight slaughtered.

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