Distiller’s Corn Oil (DCO) Sees Second Straight Week of Higher Production

Distiller’s Corn Oil (DCO) Sees Second Straight Week of Higher Production

Choice white grease (CWG) was offered lower into the Chicago market, there was no trading as of press time. Late yesterday, five cars of renderer bleachable fancy tallow (BFT) traded at steady pricing into the Chicago market. Choice white out of the Missouri River market moved lower today on increased production and lower demand from the feed sector.

The EIA reported ethanol production up again for last week. Production is estimated at 617 million barrels per day, up 3 percent from the week prior and down 41 percent compared to last year. Distillers corn oil production is estimated at 5.86 million pounds per day. The increased production and cheaper soybean oil prices have pressured the DCO market over the last couple of weeks. There remain trades near the 30 cents per pound mark for smaller volume, quick ship into some specific feed formulations but bulk trading, albeit limited due to limited availability, has been done at lower numbers, especially into the fuel sector.

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