Glycerin Prices Trend Higher as Biodiesel Output Slows

Glycerin Prices Trend Higher as Biodiesel Output Slows


Glycerin Prices Edge Higher on Reduced Domestic Biodiesel Output

According to EPA EMTS data, domestic biodiesel reached a record high 394.6 million gallons during the first quarter of 2020. Actual data for April biodiesel consumption will be released next week and is expected to be comparable albeit less than March consumption.  

Gasoline supply didn’t hit the brakes until the week of March 27.  Ethanol output began to fall sharply at that time as well.  The twin shocks to the transportation sector of oversupply and pandemic curtailed demand, hit gasoline demand harder and more directly than diesel demand. The general population moved into shelter in place directives, which brought gasoline demand to lows not seen in decades.  Diesel demand was reduced, but to a much less severe extent, as the trucking and shipping industries continued to move along.

A number of biodiesel producers reported in April…

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