Organic Corn Demand Remains Below Supply for 2019/2020

Organic Corn Demand Remains Below Supply for 2019/2020


Organic corn prices remain soft and continue to feel the impact of higher imports and temporary loss of demand during April and early May. While demand has rebounded, the softness came just as imports surged creating an overhang that has yet to be worked off.

Organic chicken slaughter by weight has rebounded back to the levels that are consistent with this time of year. The 4-week moving average of organic chicken slaughter by weight has surged higher following a drop in April due to the closures of several slaughterhouses throughout the United States. In mid-April, there were three slaughterhouses in Pennsylvania alone that were closed due to the spread of COVID-19. Three months later, nearly all the slaughterhouses in the US are open or partially open.

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The decline in organic chicken slaughter…

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