The Jacobsen Achieves IOSCO Assurance for Agricultural Benchmarking

Boulder, CO (July 27, 2020) – International price reporting agency The Jacobsen Publishing Company has successfully completed an external assurance review and has received a Letter of Reasonable Assurance from the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). The compliance letter is for its low carbon intensity feedstock commodity benchmarks.

The Jacobsen is a global industry leader in providing price reporting and price forecasting in the areas of fats, renewable energy, vegetable oils, organic, hemp and hides. Since 1865, the company has been utilized as the benchmark for a diverse range of commodities.

“We serve at the intersection of the agriculture and energy markets,” said John Donicht, President of The Jacobsen. “We are honored to receive the IOSCO Letter of Reasonable Assurance. “IOSCO is the gold standard for price reporting agencies and this one of the many reasons customers trust in our reporting,” stated Donicht.

As part of the IOSCO credentialing process, independent legal services company Catalyst Law Group examined The Jacobsen’s policies and processes for assessing prices for the Used Cooking Oil, Tallow and Distiller Corn Oil markets. The review measured compliance with the globally recognized principles for price reporting agencies (PRAs) set out by the IOSCO. The IOSCO PRA Principles were endorsed by the G20 in November 2012. They include governance, control, quality, integrity and conflict management in relation to commodity benchmark price assessments and require an annual external audit. The IOSCO compliance helps evolve the market and instill confidence in price reporting.


About The Jacobsen

The Jacobsen has been a trusted source of commodity price reporting and price forecasting since 1865. The company is an pricing reporting agency (PRA) providing forward looking bulletins that are considered the leading source for agriculture, renewable energy, and hide and animal by-product markets. In 2005, it was the first PRA to provide commentary for the biodiesel market. The Jacobsen supplies rigorous, unbiased, neutral assessments of market prices, as well as analysis of the markets. The company has expanded coverage from animal and grain by-products to vegetable oils, organic, hemp and biofuels, and its price tables have served as benchmarks for long-term contracts and negotiations.  For more information, please visit


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