MI: Liquid Biomass Feedstocks

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Insiders from the best-known organizations in the industry rely on The Jacobsen’s MI: Liquid Biomass and Feedstocks reports to navigate the current unprecedented market uncertainty. MI chronicles the evolving landscape of the rapidly growing low carbon fuel (LCFS) demand on feedstocks. Through a blend of human and artificial intelligence, MI frames the shifting fundamentals to give you thoughtful, well-analyzed,data-driven forward guidance.

Estimated Savings

Based on numbers from 2/4/2020

Soybean Oil

Average Trade (lbs) 1,000,000
Futures Price (cents / lb) 30.73
Improvement Over Futures 1.8%
MI Savings ($) $5,506


Average Trade (lbs) 1,000,000
Price (cents / lb) 30.43
Improvement in Price 1.8%
MI Savings ($) $5,452

Choice White Grease

Average Trade (lbs) 1,000,000
Price (cents / lb) 25.82
Improvement in Price 1.8%
MI Savings ($) $4,626

Distiller’s Corn Oil

Average Trade (lbs) 1,000,000
Price (cents / lb) 24.00
Improvement in Price 1.8%
MI Savings ($) $4,300

Used Cooking Oil

Average Trade (lbs) 1,000,000
Price (cents / lb) 32.00
Improvement in Price 1.8%
MI Savings ($) $5,734

Report Contents

On a weekly basis the MI: Liquid Biomass Feedstocks report will provide price forecasts for the next 12 months in easy to understand charts. Thoughtful commentary highlights the critical fundamental developments driving the price forecast. MI analysis is visualized in a way that provides subscribers with an unprecedented ability to access, download and interact with the data.


  • EMTS Biofuel, Biomass-Based Diesel Supply, Production, Imports and Generation
  • Domestic Biomass-Based Diesel Production
  • EIA Production, Feedstocks, Capacity, Sales, Stock
  • LCFS Forecast, Supply and Production

Low Carbon Intensity (CI) Feedstocks

  • Forecasts for Tallow, Yellow Grease, Choice White Grease
  • Balance Sheet for Corn Oil, Tallow, Yellow Grease, White Grease, Poultry Fat
  • Spreads
  • LCFS Use in Renewable Diesel Production
  • EIA Corn Oil Use in Biodiesel Production
  • Relative Pricing to Corn

Vegetable Oils

  • Forecast for Soybean Oil, Palm Oil
  • Balance Sheets for Soybean Oil,
  • Exports / Imports
  • Yield, Production and Stocks
  • EIA Use and Production Numbers
  • LCFS Vegetable Oil and Soybean Oil Used in Biodiesel Production
  • Supply and Demand for Canola Oil, Palm Oil and Soybean Oil


  • D4 and D6 RIN Forecast
  • Forecast Spread of Soybean Oil to Heating Oil
  • Forward Curve of Soybean Oil to Heating Oil

Gross-Margin Monitor

  • Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel Gross Margin Monitor with Credits and Without.
  • Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel Gross Revenue vs Cost
  • Cost Breakdown on Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel Gross
  • Credit Values for Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel Gross

Sample Report Screens

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