Organic Corn Prices in Pennsylvania Diverge

Organic Corn Prices in Pennsylvania Diverge

Organic corn prices remain steady in the mid-west but appear to be diverging throughout the South-Central Pennsylvania region. Corn harvest in the southeastern region of PA was very strong, according to Merchandisers, with some acres as high as 200-per bushel. Test weights, moisture and FM also appear good. The region in the northwest of the state was closer to 50-bushel an acre, according to Merchandisers. Delaware and Maryland also appear to have experienced a worse than expected yield. Merchandisers are seeing organic corn prices in the south-central PA region as low as $9.25 per bushel and organic corn prices as high at $10.25 per bushel, picked up at the farm.

Organic Chicken Slaughter Surges Pointing to Continuing Demand for Feed

Organic chicken slaughter surged higher in the first full weak of November according to the Jacobsen insight. The layer flock size is also on the rise, which paints a picture of rising supply which should offset rising demand. While demand for organic dairy is expected to ease slightly during the 2019/2020 season, the pickup in layer flock and rise in organic chicken slaughter should continue to buoy demand for organic feeds during the coming season. Organic chickens are some of the largest consumers of organic grains, which help buoy organic soybean prices and organic corn prices.

Organic chicken slaughter by weight also hit fresh all-time highs according to the Jacobsen insight. Total weight came in at 9.6 million pounds. The rise in total weight has been driven by a rise in the slaughter in conjunction with a pickup in weight per bird.  The average weight of an organic chicken slaughter rose 1.5% year to date in 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.




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