Hide & Leather

If you trade in hide and leather, The Jacobsen’s North American Daily Hide Bulletin allows you to track hide prices for 15 North American cured hide selections and The Jacobsen Hide Index provides data for a weighted composite of steer/heifer mix prices. In addition, the Bulletin provides relevant market insight and commentary along with trends and graphics to allow you to make forward projections.

The price guide allows you to distinguish weights and regions as well as branding and gender on steer, heifer, cow and bull selections. Price integrity is the cornerstone of the Bulletin with prices accepted only on actual trades from qualified subscribers conforming with published reporting rules maintained by The Jacobsen market analyst.

As a subscriber, you will also have access to The Jacobsen’s International Hide Bulletin, a weekly price guide with commentary covering major European and South American hide and wet blue markets. Content is provided by The Jacobsen market analysts from Europe and South America, as well as a number of sources in those regions.

We gather data and follow trends in the following market streams:

  • Heavy Native Steers
  • Heavy Native Dairy Steers
  • Heavy Texas Steers
  • Branded Steers
  • Butt Branded Steers
  • Colorado Branded Steers
  • Heavy Native Heifers
  • Heavy Branded Heifers
  • Heavy Native Dairy Cows
  • Heavy Native Cows
  • Branded Cows
  • Native Bulls
  • Branded Bulls
  • Kip Skins
  • Small Packer Hides

We also track the following International streams on a weekly basis, every Thursday:

  • Irish Hides (Ox/Heifer)
  • UK Hides (Ox/Heifer & Cow)
  • German Hides – North (Cow & Bull)
  • German Hides – South (Cow & Bull)
  • Brazil (Frigorificos Steer & Frigorificos Cow)
  • Brazil (Full Substance Wet-Blue TR1 & TR2)